xARM6 integrated into Husky with a Robotiq 2f-140 gripper


As the Husky-xARM6-Robotiq is a multi-robot system consisting of xARM6 and robotiq gripper, hence, the xARM6 tutorials, xARM6 user manual , xARM6 developer manual and the Robotiq 2f-140 manual are applicable.

To power-on the xARM6 please follow the Start-up section.

xARM6 DC Control Box

The control box for the xARM6 is mounted in rear compartment of the Husky.



For the xARM6 ROS drivers please refer to the MBS xARM Robotiq section.


To operate the xARM6 from other means then ROS, the python and c++ sdks are available in the utils folder in the provided package. Moreover, direct control of the xARM6 is available via the app. To access the app, navigate into the /utils/app folder and run the command:


This should launch the xARM6. Connect to the IP address of and you should have now complete access to the arm. Also the app has a built-in plugin to interface with robotiq gripper available in the control panels.


The app can also be accessed via ssh.

ssh -X administrator@
cd catkin_ws/utils/app

Robotiq Gripper 2f-140


Robotiq Gripper 2f-140


The robotiq gripper does all communication via the xARM6. Hence, the xARM6 must be powered on for the gripper to work.

Robotiq Gripper 2f-140 ROS

For the robotiq ROS drivers please refer to the MBS xARM Robotiq section.