Phidget IMU


Phidgets IMU

Phidgets Start-up

When the robot starts, the Phidget’s IMU starts via a startup script. To check the status of this module, the following steps are to be performed:

  1. Connecting to the robot via Ethernet as described:

ssh -X administrator@
  1. Next, we can check the status of the Phidget’s IMU via:

sudo service mbs_husky status


If the icon is green, it means that the packages has started without any issues. In the event of an error, you may restart this startup job via:

sudo service mbs_husky restart
  1. To check the linear accelerations and angular velocities:

rostopic echo /IMU/data_raw


This topic does not include orientations. For more information on orientation please refer to the roswiki phidgets_imu .

  1. To check magnetic orientation:

rostopic echo /IMU/mag
  1. More information is available on roswiki phidgets_imu .

    • To check the orientation on rviz, be sure to use use the IMU visualization plugin.

roslaunch mbs_husky_description description.launch
  1. Calibration must be done as instructed in the wiki according to the location.

    The Phidgets is connected to the /dev/ttyUSB1 port.