Diablo Bringup


This ros package launches the base driver as well as all necessary auxiliary components such as the inertial measurment unit (IMU), Lidar (if availabe), robot description (required for visualization), and ekf_localization (robot position estimation).

Furthermore, this package contains the UDEV rule required by the Diablo’s internal PC to detect the communication channel.

ros2 launch dingo_bringup system_bringup.launch

Diablo Description

This is a ros package that contains the 3D models of the Diablo. Additionally, the seperate 3D models are stitched together into a single entity via the universal robot description format (URDF). It contains the models for auxiliary components such as lidars as well. Additions to the robot’s 3D model can be made in the xacro/diablo.urdf.xacro. To view the robot with simulated dummy drivers. You catkin run:


Running this command will shut the Diablo Bringup dscription driver. You may to need to restart that if you wish to view the running robots state. It is ideal to run this on your own PC when the robot is not attached just to adjust the position of your auxiliary components.

ros2 launch dingo_description bringup.launch

Diablo Navi

The details of Diablo Navigation are explained in detail in its own section. The main commands are:

  1. For odom navigation:

ros2 launch dingo_navigation odom_navigation.launch
  1. For map navigation:

ros2 launch dingo_navigation map_navigation.launch

Diablo Viz

This ros package is used for visualization of the robots current state both in simulation and in the real-hardware.

ros2 launch dingo_viz view_robot.launch