Fixposition Connection


Network Setup

To set up a connection to the Fixposition (LAN), please follow the provided guidelines:

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable from your Host PC to the Ethernet port of the Fixposition.

  2. Next in your Host PC, create a static connection from your network manager with an ip of For the netmask, use

  3. Once the static connection is setup correctly, the web interface can be accessed at


For connection and setup of the Fixposition device please follow the guide provided by Fixposition Fixposition Quick Start Guide

Once the Fixposition has its hardware components connected and turned on. Please connect to it via the provided ethernet cable or the on-board hotspot.

Network tables

The Fixposition has multiple networks and vary depending on the connection type, the following table shows the networks.

Fixposition network devices


Network Address



Fixposition (WiFi)



Fixposition (LAN)



Further information on network configuration is provided on the user integration manual that comes with the Fixposition.