Waypoint Navigation Tutorials

The MBS 3D SLAM package allows for navigation in 3D space utilizing pointclouds via LiDAR sensor data. It enables and enhance movement across terrains that have varying heights. 3D schematics can be stored and utilized with this package as well. The GPS package allows for point to point navigation utilizing GPS coordinates.


This package supplies Sphinx-based tutorial content to assist you with setting up and using 3d SLAM and autonomous waypoint navigation. The tutorials topics are listed in the left column, and presented in the suggested reading order.


These tutorials assume that you are comfortable working with ROS. We recommend starting with ROS tutorial if you are not familiar with ROS already.

Dependencies is a logical place for most users to start, as this is universally applicable. This includes dependencies for both SLAM and GPS Navigation.

SLAM is the starting points for 3d SLAM both in indoor and outdoor. It indludes discussion of the packages for indoor and outdoor 3d mapping alongside their paramters tuning.

Navigation is the starting points for waypoint navigation both in indoor and outdoor. It also includes sensor calibration and overall system parameter tuning.